Martha's Cafe

Todays Special

Breakfast: $3.99

Huevos Rancheros, Hashbrown & Frijoles

Lunch: $6.99

Tacos, Arroz Y Frijoles + Drink

Weekly Specials

Come visit us today for a delicious meal at a great price! We also offer FREE delivery in the downtown area!


7:00am - 10:30am

Monday: $3.99

Huevos Con Chorizo, Hashbrown & Frijoles

Tuesday: $3.99

Huevos Con Jamon, Hashbrown & Frijoles

Wednesday: $3.99

Huevos Con Winnie, Hashbrown & Frijoles

Thursday: $3.99

Huevos A La Mexicana, Hashbrown & Frijoles

Friday: $3.99

Huevos Rancheros, Hashbrown & Frijoles


11:00am - 4:00pm

Monday: $6.99

Tacos De Picadillo, Arroz Y Frijoles + Drink

Tuesday: $6.99

Flautas, Arroz Y Frijoles + Drink

Wednesday: $5.99

Hamburguesa Con Papas Fritas + Drink

Thursday: $6.99

Tortas de Jamon/Bistec Con Papas Fritas + Drink

Friday: $6.99

Tacos, Arroz Y Frijoles + Drink

What People Say

Very good food and nice staff our favorite place to eat when we go downtown been going there since I was little!

Sarai Cobos

Los burritos son muy ricos y el café es delicioso. Se recomienda ampliamente desde la Cd de México.

Mario Alberto Rodriguez Vargas

The food was good, the service was okay, could have been better. But the people who we ate lunch with us, was priceless. We made new friends.

Kat Ituarte

Went yesterday with my mom, my sister, my daughter and my son who is also a Die-Hard Cowboys Fan like me. The Comida Corrida plate was delicious, soup made me feel good (a bit under the weather). Will definitely eat there for the ambience and great food. Merry Christmas to Martha's Cafe staff.

Terri Corona

Great food great price best home made breakfast Deals. I don't like dallas cowboys but the food is good. Ugly decor but good service.

Borderland Brawler

Great place, great food. The pancakes are on point, awesome decor! Go Boyz!

Mendoza Rick